Dating winchester m1 carbine

Winchester m1 carbine for sale and auction buy a winchester m1 carbine online sell your winchester m1 carbine for free today on gunsamerica. Answerscom ® categories hobbies & collectibles firearms winchester firearms what are manufacture dates for m1 carbine what is the manufacturing date of winchester m1 carbine with. The us carbines in germany and austria if you are not automatically redirected to the new site in 4 seconds, please click on the link below and don’t forget to bookmark the new location.

The winchester prototype adopted by the us army ordnance department on 30 sep 1941 as the new carbine, caliber 30, m1 was a design concept built using parts and experience gained from. Re: help dating an m1 carbine that page you showed us is nor complete there are at least 10 manufacturers, i have 14 boxes in front of me and i am missing 2 or 3 but have 1 or 2 doubles. The winchester range of rifles produced in this serial range, the penultimate range of all military contract produced of m1 carbines, places their manufacture date approximately in january.

Three days from the date the item is received the seller of this item assumes all responsibility for this listing first month of production winchester m1 carbinethis carbine was. I know that several companys made the m1 carbine besides springfield does anyone have any experience or knowledge of the winchester made ones. Dates of production by model and serial number for m1 carbine these carbines were made for the us government from 1941 to 1945 a total of 818,059 were made by winchester return to. The m1 carbine (formally the united states carbine, caliber 30, m1) two months after the winchester m1 carbine had been adopted and type-classified winchester supervisor edwin pugsley.

Winchester m1 carbine date added: thursday, 04 may, 2017 $1,69500 30 carbine excellent bore, very good stock, 18'' barrel, underwood produced lined out receiver with the winchester aw. Lsb#: 180405rb01 make: winchester model: m1 carbine serial number: 5793936 year of manufacture: january to march, 1945 (page 32 of scott duff’s book the m1 carbine owner’s guide) no barrel. Us military dates of manufacture trapdoor -us rifle models 1873 to 1888 krag us rifles and carbines models 1892 to 1899 m1903 rifle: rock island arsenal m1903a3 rifle: smith. Hello, i recently got a winchester-made m1 carbine it's in excellent condition and i think i got a good price on it i'm trying to find a website where i can plug in the serial number and.

Winchester m1 the us 30-cal m1 carbine was the most produced weapon during world war ii, and one of the most popular of the 20th century wrongfully known as “baby garand”, this old. How to check serial numbers for m1 carbines i saw the thread on check srial numbers but unless i missed it, it seems to only cover garands is there a way to check the serial number for. Post wwii commercially manufactured m1 carbines (usa) iver johnson arms middlesex, nj highest s/n obs to date iver johnson arms jacksonville, ar : 1983 . Winchester and springfield m1s have an overlapping serial number range that runs from winchester serial # 1,357,474 through serial # 1,387,xxx, giving approximately 30,000 duplicate numbers.

  • I am negotiating on a winchester m1 carbine, s/n 5602xxx, that is in very good rebuilt condition it is a post-wwii rebuild by standard products, the.
  • M1 garand serial numbers by month and year winchester repeating arms company m1 garand collectors may note some duplication of springfield and winchester serial numbers.
  • Us m1 carbine winchester background this carbine is an all original winchester from the first 73,000-74,000 winchester manufactured no date: front sight.

A pocket history of the m1 carbine by robert gibson someone wanted some info on m1 carbinemaybe this will help much of it is copied from the nra's booklet uscaliber 30 carbine. M1 carbine birth of the m1 carbine lt col rene r studler, chief of the small arms development branch of the office, chief of ordinance was one of the driving forces behind the carbine. Year of manufacture: january to march, 1945 (page 32 of scott duff’s book the m1 carbine owner’s guide) no barrel date caliber:30 carbine action type: semi auto, detachable magazine.

Dating winchester m1 carbine
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